Alexander (dj_alexander) wrote in gordian_club,

August Gordian & Unsigned Bands

Weather getting you down? Too broke to go to Infest?

Cheer up Goth! It's another Gordian!

With DJs bluehelen, replicantlizard and myself.

This month is a little bit special because it's the bank holiday, we're opening a little earlier and we have 3 unsigned bands playing! The London Stone will open at 7pm for some unsigned band action and then the regular club night will commence at 9pm*. Don't ask me who the bands are. I don't know! We're still sorting things out! It's crazy! But they could be good!

*I'm still quite new at this promoting thingy and things may not go to plan, but theoretically the bands start at 7pm and the club starts at 9pm.
Feel free to come along just to watch it descend into disorganised chaos!
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