Alexander (dj_alexander) wrote in gordian_club,

O hai Gordian!

To celebrate Gordian moving to it's new 3rd week of the month slot (so as not to conflict with Goth festivals, boat parties, Christmas and other stuff) I had a new flyer design commissioned:

Design by andyravensable

To celebrate the creation of this unique visual assault on your peripheral field of vision, 10,000 limited edition copies will be distributed around London *absolutely free* over the next few months. Be sure to grab yours when you see them!

Gordian itself will once again rise from the London Lite carpeted streets of the city this Saturday the 15th September 2007 to once again bring you the best in all forms of alternative music.

Either that or the DJs will do their best to make sure music is played whilst they attempt to drink as much as possible. No bands this month either. Probably for the best.
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